My 5 favorite ways to use peppers


5 things to do with peppers

1.Pepper bowl- Cut top off a big bell pepper take out guts, Fill with cheese dip, rice, ground beef, anything thats yummy

2.pickled peppers-slice up peppers onions and carrots cook in a pot with water and vinegar add salt and spices. then ones veggies are soft put in container add more vinegar and store.

3.Salsa-grill up four tomatoes and 2 jalapenos or serrano add more peppers for spicier salsa then mach up in mortar add salt and garlic powder to your liking. Serve with any food

4.Jalapeno poppers-slice jalepeno in half de-seed put in salt water let rest 5h then stuff halves with shredded cheese coat with flour then eggs then crumbs, fry for 2-3 minutes on med high heat.

5. Eat with fresh fruit or veggies – Buy chili powder some come with lemon but you can add that to your liking chop up some fruit oranges,cucumber,watermelon,mango,carrots !!!!!Dont try with strawberries or bananas.



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