are Fried oreos yucky or yummy

Last year I went to the Kansas State fair looking forward to all the food stands. After eating chicken on a stick with fried green tomatoes I decided to look for the famous fried Twinkies. But the weather got rainy and I was down for any sweet dessert. I got an order of fried Oreos (Yeah I didn’t know they existed) it came with 4, after the batter coating they are about the size of a cupcake top.

They were hot out the fryer and the first bite hurt my mouth. It was a taste that felt wrong at first but once I started I couldn’t stop eating until I was done with them. The cookie inside melted along with the warm cream so its not crunchy its like a paste. They were a little greasy but blotting it with a napkin solves that. I’m a chocolate addict so I have a bias for this instead of funnel cake or Carmel corn. I only wish they had sold vanilla ice cream along with the warm cookies. I would like to see a whole dessert dish made with this.




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