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My 5 favorite ways to use peppers


5 things to do with peppers

1.Pepper bowl- Cut top off a big bell pepper take out guts, Fill with cheese dip, rice, ground beef, anything thats yummy

2.pickled peppers-slice up peppers onions and carrots cook in a pot with water and vinegar add salt and spices. then ones veggies are soft put in container add more vinegar and store.

3.Salsa-grill up four tomatoes and 2 jalapenos or serrano add more peppers for spicier salsa then mach up in mortar add salt and garlic powder to your liking. Serve with any food

4.Jalapeno poppers-slice jalepeno in half de-seed put in salt water let rest 5h then stuff halves with shredded cheese coat with flour then eggs then crumbs, fry for 2-3 minutes on med high heat.

5. Eat with fresh fruit or veggies – Buy chili powder some come with lemon but you can add that to your liking chop up some fruit oranges,cucumber,watermelon,mango,carrots !!!!!Dont try with strawberries or bananas.


easily make baked Mexican flan

Here is the recipe to a kick-but flan that my mom makes for a quick treat.It can be made for any occasion.Caution: not for people on a diet unless you have substitute I’ll suggest them but vegans beware.

You’ll need:

eggs or four depending on size or 1/2 cup tofu/applesauce

can sweet condensed milk, or 1 cup coconut cream

1  1/2cup milk or 1 can evaporated milk or 1 1/2cup coconut milk if you like coconut

1/2cup sugar for pan coating so no fake sugar or substitues

Preheat oven to 450 degrees , Melt the sugar in a oven safe recipient on the stove top burner,so u can use it to bake your flan to. In another bowl beat eggs then add the rest of ingredients. Pour in recipient then bake for 30 minutes. Wait for it to cool then eat decorate with fruit on top and put in fridge.

Variation- Half flan half chocolate cake

Same ingredients for flan  except sugar

Use a chocolate box mix or any other thick batter

Grease pan

Pour in batter mix, then flan batter,  put in oven for 375 degrees. Let cool and plate.



are Fried oreos yucky or yummy

Last year I went to the Kansas State fair looking forward to all the food stands. After eating chicken on a stick with fried green tomatoes I decided to look for the famous fried Twinkies. But the weather got rainy and I was down for any sweet dessert. I got an order of fried Oreos (Yeah I didn’t know they existed) it came with 4, after the batter coating they are about the size of a cupcake top.

They were hot out the fryer and the first bite hurt my mouth. It was a taste that felt wrong at first but once I started I couldn’t stop eating until I was done with them. The cookie inside melted along with the warm cream so its not crunchy its like a paste. They were a little greasy but blotting it with a napkin solves that. I’m a chocolate addict so I have a bias for this instead of funnel cake or Carmel corn. I only wish they had sold vanilla ice cream along with the warm cookies. I would like to see a whole dessert dish made with this.



strawberry cupcake

The best strawberry cupcakes are always made with fresh strawberry and have strawberry frosting and filling.You can add a little red food coloring to achieve the pink color or pieces of fresh or dried strawberry to get that beautiful color in the bread itself. I like to have mine in pink cupcake liners so its a full on out pink party. Also for a small bite of variety I add a chocolate covered strawberry.

Or grab the cooked cupcake and cut it at the top muffin top. Put some cream and cut some strawberries in slices and dab it onto the bottom then spray the top with strawberry milk place it on the cream and strawberries and there you have a juicy sandwich.

Or put ice-cream in the middle and add some chocolate covering and put in fridge till its hardened then top with frosting and enjoy.(cold frosting is great!!)

Just some of the things I like to do when eating a cupcake thats homemade by me.

3 Advantages of using wordpress in businesses

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 1.16.11 PMIf you have a business you should use WordPress because it has responsive design, designs are always becoming better and you can connect your site with other social network like twitter and Facebook.” Using one of these themes for your business’ website will ensure its content is always accessible no matter what the device your customers are using.-The ability to change a page by just clicking a few buttons, or choosing the correct option, makes WordPress a superb CMS especially for smaller enterprises.”You can do a lot of things with WordPress quick and easy to your liking.